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This book (pictured) was put together from posts on a website called, started by David B. Coe, Misty Massey, and Faith Hunter. In 2013 & 2014 Tamsin Silver wrote a guest post once or twice each year, but as of 2015, she came on as a full time writer for the site, posting every other Wednesday.


So what IS Magical Words? Well, it's a site to help writers and/or aspiring writers. Posts give practical advice about being a writer (how to make money, get published, find an editor, deal with idiots online, etc.) as well as helping you maneuvering the life of a writer without falling into too many potholes (or at least learning how to get out of the one you're in). This site makes you feel like you're not alone in all the drama that surrounds trying to write for a living...and that's something all writers need!

How To Write Magical Words is published by Bella Rosa Books (click the book photo to learn more). Pick one up online OR visit the website by selecting one of the following buttons:

OR...if that also sounds like more than you want to do, each of Tamsin's entries are listed seperately by title below. Just click the button and it'll whisk you away, like magic!

Posts from 2015:

Posts from 2016:

Posts from Sept., 2016 & onward, changed format to links on the MW page to our blogs on our website. So from here on out, these buttons take you to pages of my blog that are FOR Magical Words:

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