Chapter Titles for The Curse of Billy the Kid

March 17, 2017

Hey, gang! Sorry I've been so MIA...but I'm busy writing the book with my limited free time as it's getting close to the finish line where it goes to my editor for clean up before I prep it for submissions.

That said, I have a rough draft of the chapter titles for the full novel, "The Curse of Billy the Kid" (Picture on the left is, of course, from the short story version) and I thought I'd share. These will likely change a tiny bit by final, but I thought you all might enjoy seeing them.


Also, if you're new to my page here, and are curious what this is, click on the picture and it'll take you to more info. :)


That you go with the book chapter names!


1. It's Weird to Be Dead...
2. Murder Most Foul
3. Regulators
4. William Bonney, at Your Service
5. The Arrest of the "Rioting" Regulators
6. Morton and Baker…
7. …Meet their Maker
8. Outlaws
9. The Man from England
10. Colonel
11. The Medicine Man's Apprentice
12. The Witch of Scáthach
13. Gaax

14. Full Moon
15. George Coe's Ride from Hell
16. The Devil You Know
17. The Wolf Within
18. Some Bad News and Some More Bad News
19. The Reluctant Reinforcement
20. All Fools Day
21. Heart of a Lion
22. The Battle at Blazer's Mill
23. Running Out of Time
24. Cricket
25. Beginner's Luck
26. The Tale of Elias Story
27. The Fritz Ranch Ambush
28. Being Watched
29. Second Death
30. Feral
31. The Man of Many Names
32. Texans
33. Back Into the Fray
34. SFR Takes Lincoln Back
35. Fourth of July
36. Time for Action

37. The Night of July 14, 1878
38. July 15, 1878 (Day One)
39. July 16, 1878 (Day Two)
40. July 17, 1878 (Day Three)
41. July 18, 1878 (Day Four)
42. July 19, 1878 (Day Five, Part I)
43. July 19, 1878 (Day Five, Part II)
44. Reunion

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