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Soundtrack & DVD of "Skye of the Damned" OUT THIS DECEMBER!

You read correctly! This December, my web-series, Skye of the Damned (SKYE for short) will have a soundtrack out on iTunes, Amazon, and more! Plus, we'll be releasing a DVD of all 6 episodes of Season One as well!

The SKYE Soundtrack will release online (and in hard copy) on December 2nd, 2016 while the DVD will release on December 25th via The DVD/PPV/VOD of SKYE will fall under Region One, thus only playable in the USA and Canada. If it sells well, I'm sure we'll consider releasing it so it can play in other countries.

For more info on what SKYE is (if you don't know) you can go to my SKYE Page OR visit the Official SKYE Website! You can also see most of the songs HERE, on the SKYE site.

HUGE thank you's from me to Nyle Cavazos Garcia (Small Town Pictures) and Christopher North (composer) who worked very hard to put these both together for our fans; you may not be many, but you are important to us and we cherish you! Thank you for loving SKYE like we do!

Hope you all enjoy these during the holiday season and beyond!


Tamsin :)

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