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Announcement: Moon Over Manhattan

I could've announced this awhile ago but I thought it would be fun to wait until day one of ConCarolinas to do we go! :)

I'm happy to announce that the story I wrote in 2010 that takes place in the same world as the WINFIRE Series, is finally going to see the light of day. That's right! The first book of a three-book saga will be coming at you starting in 2020 with Falstaff Books! :)

The fact that it's sat on a hard-drive waiting for about 10 years probably seems weird...but I think it was just waiting for the right home. I was talking with my friend, Jay Requard, when I visited him and his lovely wife for Thanksgiving in 2018, and told him I wanted a book of mine with Falstaff.

You see, John Hartness does something for his authors most small press do not do. He takes his author's books to conventions around the east coast to conventions. He puts in the time to help promote them like that. It's A LOT more than most small press do. Not only that, I respect John, his authors, and his company a great deal. So I wanted a piece of that, so to speak.

Jay asked me what I had...I mentioned Moon Over Manhattan in passing and he was like, "That one!" I was like, "Really? It's so old." We talked about how I could make it work and I began prepping it for submission.

But what IS Moon Over Manhattan?'s the short blurb:

In this new Urban Fantasy adventure, Denika Petrovskii, Alpha of the West Side werewolf pack of NYC, fights to hide her ties to 9/11 and the Russian Mafia while she leads her pack to save the city from a modern-day Rasputin.

Fun Fact: My first book photo shoot I ever did was for this book (even before I'd finished it). It is how I met one of my best friends, Lauren Steinmeyer (she modeled for Denika, seen up at the top with her pack AND here to the left with the man who modeled for Denika's brother, Demyan).

Tomorrow I will turn in Book One of the trilogy to my wonderful editor (Melissa MacArthur). I've been working to flush out the world build over the past month or so and I'm really in love with this story again. It always needed just a bit more world work to make it the full adventure I wanted. I wasn't sure that would look like, so I sat down to see. I found that section and blended it into the story and I'm excited to say, it makes the whole thing work so much better.

I'm excited for Denika, Cash, and her band of NYC misfits to come into your reading world in 2020...but I'm even more thrilled that it'll be coming to you from Falstaff Books!

At this moment right now, I'm at ConCarolinas with Falstaff Books and a bunch of their if you are at the con and want to ask me about this new adventure, I'll be more than happy to tell you all about it...well, not all, I can't give away some things... LOL!

If you want more about Moon Over Manhattan, you can click that link there and it'll take you to the pages for it on this website.

Hope everyone is excited for this new three-book adventure AND before anyone of September, I will be going back to the WINDFIRE series and getting book 6 ready for your consumption. WOOT! - Best, Tamsin :)

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