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Skye of the Damned is a book now too!

So...back in 2013 I did this little web series with Vampire Freaks and Smalltown Pictures in NYC about a girl on a mission to discover not only who she was, but where she truly came from. It had/has vampires (of course) and FAE (Fallen Angel Errant), and it got a lot of hazing at the time from the VF community (because no one is ever happy with things, lol) and it was one of the hardest creative things I've ever worked on (because I ended up producing and directing as well). Interestingly enough, I get more compliments on the show now by those who find it online (hearing that it's held up well and they enjoy it) than I did when it came out. So...I suppose I was what, ahead of my time? *shrug* LOL! I'm just happy people are still enjoying it, to be honest. It's a fun show and if you've not seen it you can watch it for FREE online by going HERE!

Anyway, although the web series didn't get to continue (for financial reasons), it doesn't mean the main character (Skye MacKenna) had stopped bothering me. HA! In fact, I sat down to work on the next Sabrina Grayson novel and I couldn't because Skye was too loud. I had to set Sabrina down and change gears.

The result? The novella you see the cover for above (cover created by Melissa MacArthur). It takes the web series and expounds upon it. You'll have all the same scenes you saw in the web series, but you'll get a lot more. Like what, you may ask? Well here you go...the book has:

  • More in depth information about the characters and the world of SKYE.

  • Scenes you've never seen before because frankly, we didn't have time with the web series.

  • The last episode of the first season that never was shot is in the book.

NOTE: You do NOT need to have seen the web series to understand the novella nor do you need to have read this novella to enjoy the web series. The sit independent of one another. However, I think that reading one and watching the other in whatever order you wish will make both more enjoyable.

Now, the second novella of this saga, currently titled, "Hope of the Damned," is looking to be out as of the end of August 2019 just in time for Dragon Con is all goes as planned.

So stay tuned for more about that and head over to the SKYE page on this website to learn more, read a snippet, and get yourself a copy!

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