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Weird of the West is NOW AVAILABLE!

So, what is this Weird of the West stuff? see, my weird west short, The Curse of Scáthach, has turned out to be rather popular. So I wrote a full book of it called The Curse of Billy the Kid. However, while I pitch that book to agents and publishers, I wanted to give fans of that short story a bit more in the same world. So I wrote two other stories and decided to pair them with The Curse of Scáthach and finally let fans buy it in print. Beforehand, the original short was only available in print from me or in Lincoln, NM. Now you can get it in print online (or in e-copy of you prefer that). It's been a bit updated and the two other shorts still deal with Scáthach as our big bad, and with our main character from The Curse of Scáthach, but in a different way. You'll have to read and see.

I'm very excited about the book cover/back design by Melissa McArthur Gilbert...I hope you like it! All you need to do to get your hands on it is visit the Weird of the West Page here on my website and there are links to Amazon for you. I only have it for Kindle at this time as it is a KDP select item.

Here's to hoping you enjoy the new stories as much as I do!


Tamsin :)

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