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SKYE Soundtrack is OUT TODAY!

If you've ever wondered what some of my favorite songs are, well, now you can find a few of them hangin' out in a group on the Skye of the Damned Season 1 (Original Soundtrack)!

That's right, as of today, we've released the soundtrack to Season One of the web-series (if you didn't know I did a web-series a few years ago, where have you been and go HERE for more)!

Of all the items on here, there's a story to lie! For example, the song by Panic Lift, called Transient, was my pick for our theme music if we ever did this like a TV show with opening credits. LOL! Listen to it and see if you can picture that! :)

The song by Plague of Jackals is a special addition to the album. Why? Because IT IS A WOLRD PREMIER! That's right! Plague of Jackals album will not drop until early 2017 but you all get one of their songs early on THIS soundtrack! SO COOL! Better yet? You might catch a member of this band in Episode 5 of SKYE...he plays Declan Sinclair! :)

When it comes to System Syn...I just love them and Clint gave us any song we wanted for the show (hence why there's more than one by the band). In fact, I'd have to say that System Syn is on my list of my top five favorite bands. So...I hope you like them too!

Ayria...I can't say enough good things about Jennifer (the lead singer). She is a lovely lady and one of the few FEMALE lead voices of Goth/Industrial/EBM out there today. And, in that vain, we also snagged a song from Tattermask for the soundtrack, which is a metal/rock band out of Charlotte that also has a female lead! Let's hear it for the ladies!!!!

Now, Trans Atlantic Crush were not a band I knew. In fact, Nyle (the DP and Editor of the show, and director of Episode 5) sent me the cut for the Teaser for Ep. 5 with their song, We Are The Vampires, on it, and I was like, "Who is this? Can we use this song? It's great!" Turns out, he knows them and they're based out of Boise, Idaho, of all places. So don't ever think that there's not great bands and music in places other than the prime music cities!

Last, but never least, is our Composer for the score to SKYE, Christopher North. He is another amazing asset that came to SKYE through our DP/Editor, Nyle Cavazos Garcia, and it has been such a privilege to work with Christopher! I pray that if we get to move forward with this series, that he gets to come along for the ride! Sincerely talented and just a great human being over all. If you'd like to know more about him, you can go to his site (linked with his name above) or his Composer Page on the SKYE site.

That all said...please visit the MUSIC page on the SKYE WEBSITE and visit these band's websites, ReverbNation pages, Facebook pages, and other social media! And if you like the songs you hear on the soundtrack, snag an album or two of theirs! If you're wondering which ones are best, just ask me...I'll be glad to recommend! LOL!

Without further ado, please, go out and buy the soundtrack (CD Baby Link & iTunes Link) and I hope you like it! If you do, please, recommend it to your friends on social media AND like/tag us on Facebook, you can find us at or on Twitter at, @SkyeOfTheDamned. Take care and have a GREAT holiday season...and remember, the DVD of Season One will be on Amazon THIS CHRISTMAS! :) Tamsin :)

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