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The Weird of the West

1874 – 1878, New Mexico



Though many believe her to be no more than Irish Folklore, the Dark Ruler of the Otherworld, known as Scáthach, is real and has escaped onto the earthly plane. Taking a ship to America so she can have free rein to create her monsters, her siege on the Wild West has only just begun. Go on three journeys with those who put their life on the line to protect the new settlers of the west from a fate worse than death.


Bound No More

Follow the first Regulator to set foot on American soil as he battles something even more terrifying than his lifelong foe. Death is coming for him and he may not win this time.


The Last Mission

Join the top female Regulator Network Operative as she is called back for one last mission to save the life of a boy from Scáthach…a boy who will someday become one of the most famous “outlaws” in history.

The Curse of Scáthach

Go back to when crooked politicians, mafia mentality, and dirty lawmen were the demons that ran the wild west, and walk alongside the reluctant hero who decided it was time their rein ended.




After writing The Curse of Scáthach, I embarked on writing the full novel, now finished, entitled, The Curse of Billy the Kid. While doing that, I had ideas for short stories in that same world.

One of them is the first Regulator to step foot in America, a young man by the name of Elias Story (who is real to history, by the way). After that, I wrote a short about a Regulator Network Liaison on her last mission with answers to things for the full book, The Curse of Billy the Kid (which I am currently attempting to find a home for). It is a great short on it's own, but once the full novel is out, it will hold more treasures for those who enjoy the book.

I added in The Curse of Scáthach so that we'd have three stories together in the same world that all lead up to who Billy the Kid is. Plus, this makes the first time that The Curse of Scáthach is available in print to everyone, not just those who run into me at conventions and such.

I hope you enjoy this novella as much as I did writing it!

Best, Tamsin :)

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