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Back in 2010 I wrote a long book called Moon Over Manhattan. It's about a kick ass, female werewolf alpha, and it's been sitting on a thumb drive waiting...and it just so happens that now is the time to put it out with Falstaff Books! Stay tuned to my blog and my Facebook/Twitter pages for more info as this 3-book series takes shape! - Tamsin :) 

Book One coming out in 2020 with Falstaff Books!

A 3-book Series in the same world as Windfire

Moon Over Manhattan


The Hybrid Wars are over, but the damage still lingers, and some people are stuck in the past. They are prejudiced against the hybrids of the Clandestine World: a hidden society filled with werewolves, vampires, witches, shape shifters, and now, witch hybrids. “Make the Bloodlines Pure Again” is trending on social media and protests on both sides are popping up at all Clandestine events. The older generation is making a lot of noise, especially with the one-year anniversary of the Hybrid Equality Act (HEA), coming up for the Vote of Permanence.

Wrapped up in this is Denika Petrovskii, the first female Alpha of the West Side werewolf pack of Manhattan, and her newly appointed Beta, Cashus Pankov, who was sent to her from Boston after the war for reasons she knows not. Though devout in keeping her safe, Denika thinks he feels threatened by her authority and is leery of his true loyalty.

As if that and the HEA aren’t enough, Denika has other issues to focus on. Not only is she the only daughter of the exiled royal family of werewolves, but her father is in jail for working with the Russian Mafia. If her pack were to learn about either, she could be overthrown and lose all she holds dear.

So when a man who knows her father, as well as her real identity, approaches her with news of a pending attack on the city, she begins to panic. He wants her pack to step in and stop the men who are planning this, but when those men turn out to be her brother and the man who is the cause for her family loosing their royal standing in Russia, she fears her past has caught up to her.

Meanwhile, Cash Pankov is fighting his own demons of love and loss. Traumatized by what happened to him at the end of the war, Cash works hard to hold it together as he works with an Alpha who appears to question his every move while obviously hiding her own secrets.

Somehow they both need to push past their internal battles to fight the one in front of them and save the Clandestine world and NYC from a modern day Rasputin hell bent on taking both down.

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