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Review Quotes from Amazon Reviews

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"Fascinating perspective in the genre. Gripping story!"

"The story grabs you and it's grip strengthens with each passing page."

"Tamsin Silver transports you inot a fully fleshed out world filled with complex supernatural characters."

"Completely captivates and begins a journey you have to complete. The characters are so real you feel like they are your friends!"

"It's Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets The House of Night novels."

"Tamsin Silver continues to bring forth a well written world with unique characters and complex relationships."

"Super addicting series! Recommending to all my friends!"

"This story remains a unique and gripping  perspecitve with such wonderful character development."

"Third in the series, Tamsin Silver continues to amaze me with the highly charged works of her supernatural clandestine world."

"Silver's work is all about relationships between real people, whether female or male; and consequently they are all just as strong, interesting, and alluring as each other."

"Lots of snark and conoodling ensue in all the best ways..."

"A wonderful read that blends the supernatural into a modern cold war analog. The main characters are vibrant, as are the supporting cast."

"Silver is a knowledgable writer with a great sense of her audience and market, and she gives them exactly what they want."

"Tamsin Silver delivers another thrilling novel in the Windfire series."

"Silver gives us vibrant characters and a strong storyline that leaves us wanting more."

"I really hope Identity comes out soon because I don't think I can live without it. Just like I could barely live without this one."

"Riviting! Escaping into Silver's complex world is absorbing, thrilling, and a rush of a read!"

"It's like La Femme Nikita meets Underworld; where the secretive espionage world meets the supernatural."

"The characters are compelling, the plot and pace are excellent, and not since the Marion Zimmer-Bradley's Darkover Novels have I found a cold read in a series so easy to follow."


"Got home and cracked this book open, and I could not put it down. I read pretty much straight through the night."

"Tamsin Silver has an amazing voice that draws the reader in, and I very quickly found myself attached to the characters - even in the antagonist, Lucifer."

"The climax of the story is absolutely thrilling to read, and is written in such a way that every detail is easy to see in your mind's eye."

"When I went through the story again for a 2nd pass, I realized that there was even more that I hadn't necessarily picked up on during the first read."

"Wonderful characters and a fascinating world that I am looking forward to visiting again."