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METAMORPHOSIS, the third book of the Windfire Series.

YA Urban Fantasy / © 2012 Tamsin L. Silver


Atlanta is changing into a hybrid, an abomination that carries a death sentence. And that’s not even her biggest dilemma. Bitten by a werewolf in battle, Grayson is in excruciating pain as his body prepares for the change at the next full moon. Thankfully, the Clandestine Protection Agency, a group of werewolves, has taken him in to keep him safe. Learning he is there, Atlanta and Sean race to be by his side. The CPA give them refuge as well while they work with Phoenix to convince the Royal Council to allow Atlanta to live.

Unaware Atlanta knows she’s alive, Jensine moves forward to embed herself into The Superior Order to follow through with her promise to Phoenix. Meanwhile, Hunter and Josh work to figure out what Valencia’s primary weapon against The Great Order is. In the process, they discover Pepper’s horrible past; shedding light on the army Valencia has been building for years.

Will Atlanta and Grayson survive the changes their bodies are going through? If they do, will they be safe from The Great Order’s Royal Guard? 



“I should have known. I should have known in my bones that if one brother was bad, the other had to be too. How could you do this to me? Did the two of you plan this? Was it not great enough to treat me like a child, you had to make me one of yours?” she yelled at him. “And you all just what, stood there, let him make the call because he’s the Prince of The Great Order? Can none of you think for yourselves?” She turned to Roman, “And you—Phoenix’s little lap dog—you promised me—”

“I promised I wouldn’t change you—and I didn’t.”

“You might as well have. You let him allow me to change into this thing—this abomination! You’re as much to blame as he is—you all are.”

“Atlanta—” Stephan said, putting his hand on her shoulder.

With one hand, Atlanta grabbed his from her shoulder, and twisted it until he fell to the ground, holding him there. She then placed her other on his head. “Let me see it.”

“Atlanta—you don’t—”

“Let me see it!”

Stephan allowed himself to recall the last twenty-four hours for her to see. It went by in a flash and she dropped him. She glanced about the group but didn’t see him. “Stephan, where is Gray?” she barely choked out. No one answered again. “I swear I will kill someone—where is Gray?”

Sean stepped forward. “They have him at the werewolf safe house. He’s fine. Lance called us just before Jay did.”

“Take me to him.”

“I can take you tomorrow night,” Roman said.

“Did I ask you for anything?” she said through clenched teeth. “Sean, do you know where this safe house is?”

He nodded. “I was there once.”

“Will you take me there? Now?” He nodded again and Atlanta turned to the rest of the group that stood there. “I’ll deal with you all and this situation later. Gray is more important.”

“Atlanta, he’s not going to be conscious, you can’t—” Roman started to say.

“Go to hell” she told him, and backed up until Sean stood behind her. “Grab onto me, Sean, and hold on tight.”

He wrapped his arms around her, and with only a thought, she brought the wind to lift them, and up they went.

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