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Torment of Richard Brewer Cover.jpg

Untold Legends Series, Volume Two: The Torment of Richard Brewer 


Henry McCarty

William H. Bonney

Billy the Kid


He’s one of the most famous figures in the Old West, no matter what name he goes by. His exploits are the stuff of legend, but the most fantastical of them all have been lost to history.


Until now.



The year is 1949 and the famous gunslinger is now a federal agent called William Kidwell, and he has traveled to Las Cruces, New Mexico to follow a lead on a missing fellow agent. However, once he’s in town, William quickly realizes the same supernatural enemies he fought in 1878 are plaguing this place. Worse yet, the sheriff is dirty and working with the demons to control the money of Las Cruces.


It’s Lincoln all over again.

Only by making new friends and allies can William try to save this town from Scáthach. For if she comes here, she’d try to claim this place too, and the fate that burned Lincoln back in July of 1878 will engulf this land as well.


He cannot change how things transpired during the five-day battle of 1878, but he sure as hell can try to not let that be the fate of Las Cruces.

These are the Untold Legends. This is The Torment of Richard Brewer, the follow-up novel to The Curse of Billy the Kid.

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