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CYDONIA, the fourth book of the Windfire Series.

YA Urban Fantasy / © 2012 Tamsin L. Silver


Jensine, Hunter, and Josh arrive at Cydonia, Valencia’s secret commune of hybrid soldiers in training, only to find themselves face to face with a hybrid army primarily comprised of teenagers. Jensine focuses on getting Hunter and Josh to help her gain the trust of these young warriors to learn about their powers. Yet, Josh is torn. Pepper has been out of touch too long and he must decide to either stay or fly to Boston to make sure she is alive.

On the run from The Great Order Royal Guard, Atlanta and Gray head to New York City. To avoid capture, they deviate from the original plan and decide to stay with friends in Manhattan. However, Valencia has an ace up her sleeve and Atlanta doesn’t travel as unnoticed as she believes. Worse yet, Vampire Sickness is looming over her. Can she avoid the loss of her soul in time to find Jensine and bring her safely home?



“I’m petrified,” Jensine said to Hunter mentally, so those in the front seat of the car couldn’t hear her.

“It’ll be fine,” Hunter said, resting his hand on her arm.

For the sake of selling the story, Jensine was not only dressed as the head of the Amoral Order, she was riding in Valencia’s usual limo with Hunter next to her in back. Jonathan was driving with the real Valencia sitting beside him. She was here to perform witch magic just in case Jensine needed to sell the lie that she was Valencia. But seeing as there couldn't be two, the real Valencia had disguised herself. She sported a men’s black T-shirt and a pair of baggy, ripped men’s jeans. For the first time ever, for most of them, they saw her in military boots instead of heels. To top it off she’d also magically altered her hair to be long, straight, and blond.

“What if I can’t pull this off? It’s not like I’ve spent a ton of time with the crazy bitch to the point where I can imitate her!”

“The beauty is that no one here has actually met her, so you don’t have to. You only need to be in charge. Just remember, be a bit cold and aloof. She’s got a rep for that no matter if they’ve met her or not,” Hunter replied.

“That’s SO not me.”

“I know,” he said, squeezing her hand before letting go of it, “Pretend you’re a famous rock star…I think that’s an accurate way to portray her. They see her that way is my guess.”

Jensine took in a deep breath and let it out.

“It’s going to be easy,” Valencia said, turning around to look at her doppelganger, “I’ll be right behind you and if you need to show your power, just fake it and I’ll do the rest. Hunter is posing as your guard and will stay here with you. I am posing as Jonathan’s guard and will leave with him,” Valencia stated, reaffirming the plan.

“And what do I do once you leave?”

Valencia turned back around to look out the front window. “We hope to have someone else to help you fake your powers here soon. I’ll keep you posted as to their arrival.”

“I’m sorry, you know someone else who’s an Air Witch?”

“I do…and I believe they are on their way here…”

Jensine turned to Hunter at the same time he glanced at her and then they both looked at Valencia.

“Like I said, I’ll let you know as soon as I know. That said, welcome to Cydonia. Game faces people. Time for the dog and pony show.”

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