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IDENTITY, the fifth book of the Windfire Series.

YA Urban Fantasy / © 2012 Tamsin L. Silver


Atlanta has lost her soul. Leaving in its place, Windfire, a woman who is a cold-blooded killer, remembers nothing of her previous life, and sees Valencia as the savior of the Clandestine World. Unless Jensine, Roman, and Gray can help her soul find its way back to her body, she will follow Valencia’s orders, and destroy everything in her wake, including her relationships with her closest friends.

Unaware of Atlanta’s plight, Roman heads to Canada to find her as well as keep his promise to Pepper and save her son. Meanwhile, Sean and Stephan head out on a mission to find the elder witch Elizabeth studied with in hopes of learning more information about The Diana Prophecies. The simple assignment turns complicated, putting Sean’s promise to Roman, to keep Stephan safe, to the test.

The Superior Order are preparing for war. With Windfire siding with Valencia, they could overthrow The Great Order. However, there is a third player in town, and their presence alone could tip the scales if The Great Order can align with them.

Alliances are made as new heroes and enemies emerge while the threat of war closes in and the race to save Atlanta’s soul begins.



Jensine hustled out the door to stay on Valencia’s heels as they walked silently through the building. Exiting into the warm night air, which felt a relief to how cold they kept the inside of the mesa, Jensine shivered.

Few students were moving about the main square as they approached Valencia’s black SUV. Keeping her voice at a private level, Valencia said, “There is something important I must tell you. But you’re forbidden to say a word of it, especially to Roman.”

“Of course.”

“Will you swear,” Valencia prompted, holding out her palm, which glowed as if lit from within.

Jensine realized it was a magical promise, meaning she couldn’t break it without Valencia knowing. To refuse would show weakness. She had to agree.

Laying her palm on Valencia’s, Jensine repeated, “I swear.” At those words, her palm began to glow as well.

Hands in place, Valencia explained, “Atlanta doesn’t remember who she is. On the trip here she had the mental break that all made vampires go through, known as Vampire Sickness. She believes her name is Windfire, that she is my daughter, and Asmarahald is her home.”

Having heard of this affliction in her training, Jensine said, “So, she remembers nothing of her previous life?”

“Correct. I shall bring her with me tomorrow evening so you can see her. However, you cannot call her Atlanta or try to make her remember…not yet. I’d hate for you could cause permanent damage. Do you understand?”

“I do.”

“At this stage I prefer Roman nor Gray understand she’s gone under. Promise you will not share this information with them until either she or I reveal it, or the truth is apparent to them. At which time you will impart the rule that they are not to try to trigger her memory. Do you swear?”

Jensine paused, and then, after swallowing hard, said, “I swear.”

Both palms glowed bright in an orange hue, sending a tingling sensation from her hand, up her arm, straight to her heart, and then it faded out.

Valencia took her hand back. “Good girl. Now, be sure to send Roman on his journey tomorrow before we arrive. I don’t need his influence on Atlanta just yet. Do you understand?”

Jensine nodded. It was a lot to take in. Atty not knowing who she was sounded like a child’s nightmare. It wasn’t until Valencia opened the door to the SUV that Jensine found her tongue and asked, “Mistress, not all Vampire Sicknesses are exactly the same. Do you mean to tell me she will not know me either? Or Gray?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” she said as she got into the car and shut the door so Jensine couldn’t ask anything else.

Without hesitation or a look at her, Valencia started the vehicle and pulled away from Cydonia, leaving Jensine to stand alone in front of the mesa, with tears streaming down her face.

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