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Episodes of Skye of the Damned

Skye of the Damned

Episode One - Back to the Start

After learning some striking news from her father in the hospital, Skye goes on the run, deciding to head to NYC where all the trouble started before she was even born.

Skye of the Damned

Episode Two - Welcome to my City

Skye reconnects with her best college friend, Madison, at the goth club. While there, she meets others of Madison's group, learns someone is missing, and someone is dead.

Skye of the Damned

Episode Three - The FAE

Due to the dead body in the basement of the club, the patrons are held until both supernatural police departments can arrive to examine the body and question those who interacted with the deceased. Skye pulls serious attention from the police as she was seen with the deceased not long before they died.

Skye of the Damned

Episode Four - Jillian

Kyle and Nicolai's missing roommate is found, bringing Skye's interrogation by the FAE Police Department to an abrupt halt. The group makes their way to the park where Jillian is and deal with the after effects of what has occurred. 

Skye of the Damned

Episode Five - Wake

The group heads to Brooklyn for a Wake where all the Vampire and FAE Royals show up. Mixed company causes tensions to rise past the boiling point and the deceased's relative starts a verbal fight that turns physical for the whole party. Nothing says fun like a brawl...until the big wigs of the VFSD show up.

Skye of the Damned

Episode Six - A New Roommate

The group heads home to nurse physical wounds from the Wake brawl only for a verbal argument to spark between Nicolai and Skye. Booze + Grief does not equal quality conversation.

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