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Review Quotes from Amazon Reviews

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"This short story does serve as a perfect 'gateway' narrative into Silver's world (Windfire Series) and gives you a sense of her humorous grasp of dialogue and great sense of dynamic action."

"The fight scenes are very fluid and easy to follow, which is always a difficult aspect of the written world over film or comic book narrative, but one which silver combats brilliantly.

"I realize the Clandestine Conflict is a short story, but it left me begging for more. The setting alone is ripe with conflict, but the story is peopled wtih colorful characters who seem to be hiding  much more than they reveal.

"Silver does a great job of painting characters and keeping them true."

"If you liked Abraham Lincoln as a Vampire Hunter then you will love this. Highly recommend."

"Tamsin has blended ancient Irish legend with the Wild, Wild West in an unforgettable tale with a twist."

"Gripping, fast moving, and imaginative! It's odd to see historically based fantasy, but good attention to the historical details. Definitely left me wanting more of the story."

"I am not generally a fan of Westerns so I was a bit nervous when it began, only to realize it was going places I never expected. I can't wait for the full-length novel!"

We Are Not This New Cover (print).png

Short story title by Tamsin Silver in the anthology is, "The Color of Love."

A fabulous collection of short stories written by North Carolina writers in protest to the unfair treatment of the LGBTQ community in NC and beyond. All proceeds are being given to the local LGBTQ community organizations to insure equality for all people.

Short story title by Tamsin Silver in the anthology is, "Mettilwynd," a story about a pirate named Katara...

Love Faith. Love Thorn. Interesting anthology of the Rogue Mage universe. Loved the Katara story. I would like to see a book on her....hint hint Faith. This is a definite must buy for fans of the RM series.

This is the first in a trilogy of anthologies and I'm looking forward to the next ones. Trials is sort of a prequel to the Bloodring book, first in the Rogue Mage series. Gives a lot of background about the mage world. The authors for this anthology are well chosen and their stories fit very well into the storyline. I'd recommend it highly.

 The world is fantastic, the short stories excellent and I am sure I will enjoy revisiting it. I will certainly buy Tribulations when it comes out

Nice mix of stories and introduces you to different authors. I enjoy any of Faith Hunter's worlds!

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