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Untold Legends Series, Volume Three: The Murder of Cricket Coogler 

Out Late Summer/Early Fall of 2021

The year is 1949 and Agent William Kidwell and his partner, Richard Baca, have returned to Las Cruces, New Mexico, after hearing the young woman William met on March 30th has been murdered. 


Concerned he's the reason for her death, William and Richard call for reinforcements, bringing the last living Regulators from the Lincoln County War back to fight together again and hopefully send Scáthach back to the dark realm of the Otherworld. To do so, it will take remembering things he learned back when he first fought these supernatural enemies in 1878. Only then can he put an end to the true evil that plagues the west, and earn back his owns soul.

Go back to when crooked politicians, mafia mentality, and dirty lawmen were the demons that ran the Wild West, and walk alongside the reluctant hero who decided it was time their rein ended.

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