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Murder of Cricket Coogler Cover.jpg

Untold Legends Series, Volume Three: The Murder of Cricket Coogler 

Released Sept. 1, 2022

Henry McCarty

William H. Bonney

Billy the Kid


He’s one of the most famous figures in the Old West, no matter what name he goes by. His exploits are the stuff of legend, but the most fantastical of all of them have been lost to history.


Until now.


It’s 1949 and the famous gunslinger is now a federal agent called William Kidwell and he’s heading back to Las Cruces, NM, not only to hunt down Scáthach, but to find out who murdered Ovida “Cricket” Coogler. She’d been such a bright light, to have her gone has punched a hole in William’s heart, especially since it’s possible he is the reason she was killed.


Good news is, this time he doesn’t go back to Las Cruces alone, he has the assistance of other Regulators to help him make things right. Only together as a team do they have a chance to close the circle that started so many years ago and send Scáthach back to the Otherworld.


These are the Untold Legends.

This is The Murder of Cricket Coogler,

the second sequel to The Curse of Billy the Kid.

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