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Tamsin Silver in front of the Coe Ranch in NM

Picture above is Tamsin Silver standing in front of the Coe Ranch in New Mexico, which belonged to Richard M. Brewer (first leader of the Regulators) before his untimely death on April 4, 1878.

What started out as a short story submission idea for The Weird Wild West anthology, became the short story, "The Curse of Scáthach" that I'm turning into a full length novel entitled, "The Curse of Billy the Kid."

This Historical Fantasy novel will stay extremely true to the history surrounding the Lincoln County War of 1878 (Feb 18 to July 20) with the fantasy woven inbetween the events of the war creating almost an alternative basis for the event itself.

Much like the short story, the book will take you along with Will McCarty on an adventure that takes place in both 1878 and 1950 as he battles demons to earn back his soul while cultivating the friendship of a lifetime.

For pictures of the historical places in New Mexico, historical information, and to stay up to date on the twists and turns of this new novel, visit the Facebook page for The Curse of Billy the Kid!


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