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Curse of Billy the Kid Cover.jpg

Untold Legends Series, Volume One: The Curse of Billy the Kid 

Henry McCarty
William H. Bonney
Billy the Kid

He’s one of the most famous figures in the Old West, no matter what name he goes by. His exploits are the stuff of legend, but the most fantastical of all of them have been lost to history.

Until now.


It’s 1949, and the famous gunslinger is now a federal agent called William Kidwell, and he’s returned to where it all began—Lincoln County, New Mexico, to face the demons of his past and wrest control of his soul from the immortal witch Scáthach.

But the story begins in 1878, with the death of John Tunstall, the Lincoln County War, the Regulators, and a young man finding out the hard way that things far more terrifying than outlaws roam the dusty trails of the Old West.

These are the Untold Legends. This is The Curse of Billy the Kid.

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