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LIVING DEAD GIRL, the second book of the Windfire Series.

YA Urban Fantasy / © 2012 Tamsin L. Silver


With Jensine presumed dead and her relationship with Roman over, Atlanta devotes her time to finding Jensine’s killer while attempting to put her own life back together.

Mostly this includes taking her time to get to know Sean, herself, and The Great Order. Yet everything she learns about the Order leads to more questions. Most important of which is, did they have Jensine killed, and if not, who did?

Meanwhile, Valencia takes on new recruits and begins putting her plans into motion to infiltrate her enemy and tear them apart from within. Going behind Jonathan’s back, she kidnaps a member of The Great Order, causing both Atlanta and Jonathan to finally make a decision and pick a side. Will he choose Valencia or go back to his brother? Will Atlanta side with Roman or will she let the possible death of her oldest friend stand in the way?

Valencia is ready to start the war.

The question is, who will be the first to fall?




“Did you have anything to do with this, other than what I already know you did?” Atlanta asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You were very adamant about stalling me when I wanted to get into her house. Why?”

“I didn’t want you going in there. It was too dangerous,” Roman said.

“Did you know the house was going to blow up? Is that why you held me back?”

From Roman’s expression, she knew he finally understood what she meant. “I had nothing to do with her death.” His voice got louder. “I cannot believe you would think that I—”

“Why wouldn’t I?” she cut him off, matching his volume and tone. “You’re the one who reported her to The Great Order authorities. I told you she didn’t even know of the Clandestine World, only me, and to keep that between us. You took it to the world. It was my personal business, between a friend and me. It had nothing to do with you. You had no right.”

Roman, jaw and fists clenched, said, “I have rules I have to abide by, Atlanta. Rules put in place to make her safe and keep us safe. That doesn’t mean I killed her!”

“You as good as did!”

“Why is it so impossible for you to understand the rules of my people?”

She threw her good arm up in the air in exasperation, “Your people? They’re my people too! Or don’t you see me as really being a part of the Clandestine World because I don’t breathe to serve Prince Phoenix Keziah?" She paused, her voice lowering. "I promise you this, if The Great Order had anything to do with her death, I’ll make you pay. I’ll make you all pay.”

“You’re taking my words and twisting them around. Of course, you’re part of our world. I meant the Order’s rules, Atlanta. You consider them archaic, ancient, and useless.”

“In some ways, yes, I do. It’s the Twentieth Century. You all need to rethink these rules you live by. They didn’t work out so well for my friend, did they?!” Realizing she was yelling, Atlanta took a deep breath, shuddering as she exhaled.

Roman reined in his anger. “I’m sorry your friend has died because of your involvement with us. I am. More will die in this war, Atlanta. You have to accept that.”

“How dare you use that as an excuse?” It was a cop-out at best and it pissed her off. “I don’t have to accept anything, not on my watch, not if I can help it.”

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