Tamsin L. Silver is a writer of Urban Fantasy, YA Urban Fantasy, and Historical Fantasy. Originally from Michigan, Tamsin has lived in the Carolinas (North & South), New York City, and now resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She holds a BA in Theatre and Secondary Education (with a minor in Creative Writing and Shakespeare) from Winthrop University in South Carolina and has taught both middle and high school drama.

Like many artists, she still holds a day job (in the healthcare field) while trying to find time to write. She also has a part-time job at Barnes & Noble, a demanding Australian Shepherd, and a lazy/loving black cat to fit into her world. She loves dogs, music, swimming, relaxing with a book or watching TV, visiting hot springs, driving around NM, has an addiction to Vitamin Water Zero (Orange), and loves to travel to to visit her friends around the US whenever she can.


You can find her on all the usual social media platforms if you wish to follow her (see buttons at the top of each page). But mostly you'll find her on Facebook. 


Enjoy some pics of her life in New Mexico below! 

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