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Tamsin is excited to announce that her short story, The Color of Love, will be published by Falstaff Books in the anthology, We Are Not This.  Insteresting to note that this anthology is different than most, as all procedes go to help LGBTQ organizations in North Carolina. The book is scheduled to be released in October, 2016.

Story Synopsis:

Tyler knows he's different, and not just because he's gay; he has powers he can't explain. To make matters worse, after the death of his father, his mother moved them to Charlotte, NC, for his sophomore year. South Mecklenburg High isn't as accepting as his previous school and bullies torture him on a regular basis. If they only knew what he was capable of...maybe it would be different. But Tyler knows he can't expose the truth about himself, they'd take him away and his mother needs him right now. So what is he supposed to do when the boy he likes learns his secret? Does he run or does he stay and fight?

RMA1_TRIALS ebook cover - corrected.jpg


Rogue Mage Anthology

Tamsin's short story, Mettilwynd, is a part of a 2-book anthology set put out by Bella Rosa Books. They are based in the Rogue Mage world of New York Times Best Selling Author, Faith Hunter!

Story Synopsis:

My name is Katara, or it is for now, and I’m a Mage. Unlike my family, who live safe and comfortable inside the Enclave of Mumbai, I am constantly in danger. Not only am I hated and feared by the humans, but by my own kind as well. Unwelcome to return to my home, I live on the run, sailing the ocean on a pirate ship. If my true self were to be discovered, the price paid would be my life, as would the penalty be if I was ever caught doing the secret job I’ve been tasked to do. However, I cannot do it alone, I need her back…I need the one they call Havā. I’ll do anything to make that happen, including taking on Jetrel, my boss, and Nakir, the black Angel he answers to. I will get her back or so help me God, if He exists, I will take them all down with me.

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